Robert (Robin) Thomas

Experienced engineer, relationship manager, and life-long learner.

JavaScript (Typescript, Angular, Vue, Node, Webpack), Python (Django), CSS (SCSS), Git, HTML.

Minneapolis, MN




Software Engineer, Google Chat

Minneapolis, MN (Remote)

  • Rewrote developer onboarding and set-up documentation, reaching a team of 200 - 300 engineers.

Nerdery, a software consultancy.

Senior Software Engineer, Front-end

Minneapolis, MN

  • Google: Built the website and platform for a global collaboration program. (Angular)
  • Google: Built the website and platform for a major cloud computing event. (Vue)
  • Google: Built a strategic data visualization tool. (Angular)
  • Purina, Allstate, Culturelle: Built highly-visible user interfaces and content management tools. (Drupal, jQuery)

Geneticure, a venture-backed genetic testing start-up.

Technical Product Manager

Minneapolis, MN

  • Built entire patient portal, clinician management tool, PDF report generator, and UI from scratch. (Django, Python, JavaScript, Heroku)
  • Created an algorithm by which DNA samples can be converted into recommendations for medical treatment. (Python)

Best Buy, corporate headquarters.

Product Manager, Automated Personalization

Minneapolis, MN

  • Ownership of an enterprise-level machine learning service deployed on the global Best Buy website.
  • Managed backlog and story prioritization and led Agile processes for a team of engineers.
  • Built an automated testing suite from scratch. (Python)

MentorMate, a global web and app development company.

Technical Solutions Architect

Minneapolis, MN

  • $500K+ in accounts closed during H1 2018 for enterprises and start-ups across multiple verticals.
  • Identified the Salesforce instance used internally by the company could be supplanted by the free Hubspot CRM, saving $20K+ per year. Conducted the migration of data between systems and sunsetting of Salesforce.
  • Created a robust tool for calculating software development costs, factoring in staffing needs and scope risks, and outputting a client-ready development proposal. The tool is now used company-wide.

General Assembly, the foremost "boot camp" for coding, UX/UI, and data science.

Lead Web Development Instructor

Washington, DC

  • Wrote and lead-taught thousands of hours of classes in JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, SQL, Git, CSS, and other technologies.
  • Among highest-rated instructors across 5 cohorts, teaching 100s of adults to become fully-qualified web developers.
  • Built a robust web app to capture and visualize data related to student attendance and assignments.
  • Collaborated with other instructors to define requirements for and develop a Ruby on Rails-based platform for gathering and visualizing data regarding student attendance and assignments. Provided the inspiration for software rolled out company-wide.

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a global social entrepreneurship non-profit.

Salesforce Consultant

Washington, DC

  • Built a VisualForce / Apex and JavaScript interface to search job applicant records via SOSL / SOQL.

Coinbase, the world's largest Bitcoin company.

API Support Supervisor, Merchant Integration

San Francisco, CA

  • Technical lead for corporations accepting Bitcoin, including Expedia and Dish Network.

The Noteboard, a folding dry-erase board I invented and distributed full-time.

Inventor & Developer

Washington, DC

  • Featured in TechCrunch, ThinkGeek, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.
  • Sourced domestic and overseas manufacturers and supply chain providers.
  • Built a web platform through which customers could customize their orders and secure bulk discounts, integrated with the PayPal API.
  • $130K in revenue generated before selling entirety of business to new owners.


Stanford University

BA Urban Studies

Stanford, CA

  • Completed 137 credits with 3.732 GPA. Left degree unfinished to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • Studied Product Design, Education, Economics, Sociology, Urban Planning, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  • Spent 3 months in South Africa, studying education and archaeology.
  • Sang in Stanford's premier a cappella group; Mock Trial; musical theater

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